Levels of Care

   The Hale Foundation Treatment Center

     will be offered in the  near future


The Hale Foundation Treatment Center will be a medical detox center coupled with a 4-6 week Inpatient Substance Abuse Program. Adherent to the core philosophy of The Hale Foundation, the treatment center will be a abstinence-based, twelve-step-based program integrating clinical and medical interventions with the twelve-step model. The goal of the treatment center is to offer affordable, high quality care to individuals with substance use disorder. The holistic nature of the treatment center will incorporate individual and group therapy, recreation therapy, medical, psychosocial, and familial programming attending to the person-in-environment context of substance use disorder.


The Hale Foundation is currently in the process of rezoning property in South Augusta, formerly the St. Helena Convent, for the purposes of a medical treatment center.


Individual and Family Therapy

The outpatient level of care is designed for individuals with dedication to a recovery lifestyle and independent living capabilities. Outpatient therapy offers greater flexibility and autonomy by affording the individual the ability to maintain work and familial responsibilities while engaging in supportive therapeutic services that enhance recovery. Therapeutic modalities include twelve-step facilitation, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and motivational interviewing. These evidence-based approaches enable the recovering individual to engage in value-consistent action in the face of distressing internal and external experiences. In addition, issues germane to early, mid, and late recovery can be processed in a supportive, safe, and trusting environment. The Hale Foundation Outpatient Recovery Program provides therapeutic services to both men and women seeking help for substance use disorder.

  • Free Consultation
  • Individual and Family Therapy Services
  • Assessment
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Treatment Planning


For more information, please contact: John Martin, LMSW, CAC I – 706-722-3060, jmartin@thehalefoundation.com

Men’s Residential

The Hale House

The Hale House Foundation Inc. is a transitional program to assist men over the age of 18 with substance abuse problems to recover in a safe recovery residence setting until they are ready to assume responsibility by readjusting to society and resume independent living. More than 2,500 men have recovered from addiction within the halls of the Hale House.

The program length is 12-months and includes Phase I & Phase II. Completion of the residential program affords residents the knowledge, skills, and abilities to function independently in society, resume familial responsibilities, and engage effectively in a professional setting. The core philosophy of the residential program is abstinence-based, twelve-step recovery.