Where is Hale House located?

We are located in the historic Olde Town section of Augusta, GA at 402 Walker Street.

Can I bring my car to Hale House?

No, transportation is provided.

Can I have a cell phone while at Hale House?

Cell phones (flip phones) are an earned privilege. Flip phones only allowed after a minimum of 90 days and at staff discretion.

Are visits from friends and family allowed during my stay?

Residents may have a day pass after 30-days in the program. After 90-days, residents may have a weekend pass. Residents must have a zero-balance and approval from staff for all passes.

What can I bring with me to the Hale House?

One suitcase with essentials for daily living. Items include casual clothing, several collared shirts for outside 12-step meetings, personal hygiene items, shoes, and work clothes. Residents will only be allowed entry with one suitcase.